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Rewire announces complete programme for September offline edition

01 Jul 2021

The complete programme for the Rewire 2021 - offline edition is here. Take a look at what’s coming up on 10, 11, 12 & 18 September.

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After presenting an extensive online edition in May Rewire returns to The Hague with an intimate offline edition in September. The four day event will be providing a taste of it’s regular festival, with the programme offering a snapshot of the full Rewire experience. The offline edition showcases a wide range of adventurous and forward-thinking sounds at familiar venues such as Paard, Korzo, Koninklijke Schouwburg, Lutherse Kerk, Theater aan het Spui, as well outdoors and in public space. Alongside a diverse range of new names, and some rescheduled artists from Rewire 2020, are a few in-person performances by artists from the online edition in May. After months of live-streamed concerts and restrictions on touring and performing, we are happy to welcome artists and audiences back to The Hague once again. 

Over the weekend of 10-12 September, Rewire is teaming up with artist run platform iii to present Proximity Music - a tour of installations scattered across The Hague which engage with the senses and the body, with instruments and machines, with ritual and play. In addition, several other interventions and installations will be dotted around the city for visitors to explore. Finally on Saturday 18 September Rewire collaborates with festival Dag in de Branding to present the closing event to the offline edition.

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The full line-up for the Rewire 2021 offline edition:

A State of Amplitude (exhibition)
Able Noise
Ain Bailey
Ale Hop
Andrius Arutiunian
Ashley Paul
Barbara Ellison - Forest Phantoms
Ben Bertrand Ensemble 
Benjamin Abel & The Unrequired Love - Spectacles
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay
Cathy van Eck
Desire Marea: NEZIMAKADE
Embassy of the North Sea - Hearing Like a Herring
Evelien van den Broek - Biophonica
Farida Amadou & Floris Vanhoof
Félicia Atkinson & Ben Rivers
Flowers / Ghosts & Echoes
Galya Bisengalieva
Gareth Davis Group - Stockhausen - Aus den sieben Tagen
Genevieve Murphy - I Don’t Want To Be An Individual On My Own (concert version)
Genevieve Murphy
Geoffrey Burton & Sarah Yu Zeebroek
Gorkem Arikan
Hans Beckers
Horse Lords
Karen Willems & Machinefabriek
Kluster5 performs Celia Swart - Elevation of self-validation
Laurie Spiegel & Mark Fell
Lea Bertucci & String Quartet
Lee Gamble - Flush Real Pharynx feat. Clifford Sage
Leo Svirsky & The River Without Banks
Limpe Fuchs 
Loraine James
Lorenzo Senni
Lyra Pramuk
Maria W Horn – Dies Irae
Mariska de Groot
Meriç Artaç – Rudan
Pan Daijing - Half a name: Act II
Pelle Schilling
Pete Harden
Sarah Davachi
Sól Ey
Timoteo Carbone & Federico Zurani – Sounds for an Abandoned Space II
Yannis Kyriakides
Zeno van den Broek & Slagwerk Den Haag – Ma(n|chine)

Explore the full programme:

We look forward to welcoming the German sound artist, instrument builder and composer Limpe Fuchs to Rewire for the first time. Since she became known in the seventies as one half of krautrock outfit Anima Sound, she has developed a strikingly unique solo performance, which includes sound experimentation and free improvised music using her self-built instruments, using her bird-like voice to evoke landscapes of sound.

Lyra Pramuk fuses classical training, pop sensibilities, performance practices and contemporary club culture in what may best be described as futurist folk music. Pramuk will perform music from her acclaimed debut album ‘Fountain’.

As a composer and performer of both acoustic and electronic music, Sarah Davachi's work is concerned with the close intricacies of intimate aural space. She’ll be presenting a performance specially conceived for the organ in the Lutherse Kerk. This is presented in collaboration with Gaudeamus.

UK-based American multi-instrumentalist and composer Ashley Paul’s intuitive process integrates free form song structures with a focused approach to sound. At Rewire she’ll be performing her latest album ‘RAY’ with her new trio featuring Yoni Silver and Otto Willberg.

After impressing at Rewire 2017, Horse Lords, an avant-rock quartet from Baltimore, USA, will return to The Hague in support of their latest album’ The Common Task’. Another artist returning to the city is New York-based composer, performer and sound designer Lea Bertucci, after performing a solo set at Rewire x Korzo in 2018 before she will now present an exclusive new composition for string quartet.

Peru-born, Berlin-based artist, researcher, and experimental instrumentalist Ale Hop composes electronic and electroacoustic music, by blending strains of noise, pop, avant-garde, ambient crafting performances of astonishing physical intensity. Working through hybrid forms of sound, The Hague-based Armenian-Lithuanian artist Andrius Arutiunian’s music oscillates between the digital and analog microcosms. He presents a new piece ‘Seven Common Ways of Disappearing’, a work for retuned piano, electronics, and performers.

Benjamin Abel & The Unrequired Love’s 'operatesk dada blues punk pop' lends itself perfectly to the mystical and theatrical love ritual they envisioned. They present ‘SPECTACLES’, a brand new album and performance. Guitarist Geoffrey Burton and artist Sarah Yu Zeebroek collaborate to investigate how Burton's unruly guitar music can merge with Zeebroek's surreal visual language of form. One of the most exciting young voices in the European free improvisation and experimental music scene Farida Amadou will also be performing with multidisciplinary artist and instrument builder Floris Vanhoof.

Following a second outstanding album on UK label Hyperdub, Loraine James brings a unique pop sensibility, influenced by drill and R&B styles, to the Rewire 2021 offline edition. Also on Hyperdub, producer and DJ Nazar, known for his barbed and politically charged ‘rough kuduro’, brings the sounds of Angola’s bloody past and hope-filled present. Italian artist and producer Lorenzo Senni has been reinventing trance for nearly a decade. He presents his acclaimed album ‘Scacco Matto’ in the form of a dazzling live laser show.

Desire Marea is joined by a full band named 'NEZIMAKADE', as they present their operatic falsetto and galloping experimental club songs live for an audience for the very first time. Tennessee-based rapper and vocalist bbymutha will bring an energetic set of material from her 2020 debut album ‘Muthaland’, whilst British artist, producer, label owner and DJ Lee Gamble will present a special live AV performance based around music from the final installment of his ‘Flush Real Pharynx’ trilogy. Berlin-based, Chinese artist Pan Daijing’s poetic and haunting performances interweave vehicles of power and vulnerability to explore psychological states. She presents a new live performance entitled Half a Name: Act II, based on her recent recording work.

Flowers / Ghosts & Echoes is a The Hague-based audio-visual trio that creates an immersive world of intermingled clouds of sound and floating visuals that move through the performance space. Amsterdam-based composer, performer and producer Evelien van den Broek presents her project ‘Biophonica’, immersing us in obsolete soundworlds, reconnecting us with our natural environment through sound.

The Hague-based artist Leo Svirsky returns to Rewire to expand upon his acclaimed Unseen Worlds debut, ‘River Without Banks’. With this special commission, the Russian-American composer will perform together with a large ensemble of internationally renowned musicians and composers. Kazakh-British composer and violinist Galya Bisengalieva also presents her mesmerising live show debuted at the online edition in May, with full ensemble and stunning visuals, centred around her debut album ‘Aralkum’. 

A groundbreaking and intense fusion of hardcore punk, death metal, extreme noise and rapid-fire breakcore, Duma's music exists in its own artistic vacuum. Following their collaboration with Jesse Kanda for the online edition in May, they join us in The Hague live. Another audiovisual collaboration coming to life after the online edition is from Félicia Atkinson & Ben Rivers, as Atkinson performs her score to Rivers’ film alongside the visuals. Following a recorded solo set for the online edition, Ben Bertrand ensemble, featuring Bertrand on bass clarinet accompanied by cello, viola, percussion, flute and violin, will perform music from his forthcoming album live in The Hague.

The Netherlands-based Scottish artist Genevieve Murphy presents a commissioned concert version of her latest theater piece ‘I Don't Want To Be An Individual On My Own’, investigating the power of empathy. Percussionist and producer Karen Willems & Machinefabriek also perform together live for the first time after working in residency for the Rewire 2021 online edition, whilst Able Noise, the experimental baritone guitar and drummer duo based in The Hague and Athens respectively, will be performing live after their impressive recorded show in the Electriciteitsfabriek in May.

Proximity Music
Rewire is teaming up with iii to present Proximity Music, a tour of installations situated across The Hague. Individuals and small groups are invited to explore iconic and lesser known sites in the city, discovering new works created by local and international artists. Starting from the government center and taking a walk through underground and repurposed art venues, the tour will present: an ongoing participatory gamelan session by Laurie Spiegel & Mark Fell; indian temple bells played by machine learning algorithms by award winning Bengalese sound artist and scholar Budhaditya Chattopadhyay; an instrument played by your breath and the wind by The Hague born, Swiss based composer Cathy van Eck; sonic explorations of auto-mechanics by Turkish-born Gorkem Arikan in collaboration with auto mechanic Ibrahim Tokkaya and documentary filmmaker Batuhan Keskiner; an enveloping shower of sparks in the beautifully dangerous work of Pelle Schilling; Mariska de Groot’s mesmerizing magic lantern installation Incidence of Light, evoking avant-garde experiments in visual music; the spiralling sonic textiles of EJTECH; a participatory tactile sound duet by Sól Ey; the trance inducing ritual of Hans Becker’s new work La Floresta; a pedestrian bridge turned into a carillon played with ropes, pulleys and rubber mallets by Kunrad.

After its online presentation in May, the Music for a Busy City project takes place physically in a number of public spaces in The Hague, it features five new pieces of recorded music, each created in response to a specific characteristic location in the city centre. Up to 10 minutes long, these recorded pieces become part of the spaces that inspire them. The project consists of new commissioned compositions by Ain Bailey, Genevieve Murphy, and Pete Harden, Yannis Kyriakides will be presenting two new pieces.

Composer and audiovisual artist Barbara Ellison presents ‘Forest Phantoms’, a composition of tree ‘songs’ made with binaural microphones, contact mics and hydrophones, revealing the hidden ‘music’ of the forest. ‘Forest Phantoms’ will be presented on location in Haagse Bos via a series of guided listening sessions.

Embassy of the North Sea presents a sound expedition titled ‘Hearing Like a Herring’, developed by composer and sound artist Harpo ‘t Hart together with radio-maker Jesper Buursink and artist Xandra van der Eijck . This intervention at Scheveningen harbour and beach features stories from experts, scientists, and local residents to present new undersea listening perspectives.

A State of Amplitude is an exhibition taking place at Quartair in The Hague, presenting a series of sonic sculptures, instruments and sound transmitting vessels. A focus is drawn in on the potential of re-amplifying the micro-powers of vibrating matter. Using the idea of a membrane as a selective instrument, excerpts of sonics are filtered, distorted and amplified. In these sound architectures, an unfolding of the external dimension arises, re-fabricating it into a mode of composed reality.

Rewire x Dag in de Branding
The closing event of Rewire 2021 - offline edition is a collaboration with festival Dag in de Branding on Saturday 18 September. The day and night programme includes a number of performances and installations. Ma(n|chine), an audio-visual installation designed by composer and visual artist Zeno van den Broek – played by percussionists – for Slagwerk Den Haag. Italian composer Timoteo Carbone and Italian artist Federico Zurani present their multimedia work Sounds for an Abandoned Space II, Composer Mertiç Artaç presents new instrumentation (baritone, violin, viola, cello) for her character ‘Rudan’, from her opera ‘Mr Zanzun’, whilst Kluster5 perform Celia Swart’s multimedia piece Elevation of self-validation. Swedish composer Maria W Horn will present ‘Dies Irae’, previously seen at the online edition in May, a performance for vocal quartet, electronics and improvisation for four tuned glasses of water. Finally, Gareth Davis Group will perform Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Aus den Sieben Tagen,  a cycle of fifteen compositions Stockhausen wrote in 1968. This site specific event reinvents this composition for the present by combining space, light and sound.