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Görkem Arikan

Proximity Music

10, 11, 12 September

Singing Sparks (2021)

How do car mechanics diagnose a car engine? Could listening be an act that unites us? This project is a collaboration between sound artist Görkem Arikan, filmmaker Batuhan Keskiner and auto mechanic İbrahim Tokkaya. The work consists of two parts: a sound sculpture created in collaboration between Görkem Arikan and İbrahim Tokkaya, combining auto parts, audio technology and physical computing, and a film by Batuhan Keskiner, documenting the creation process of the sound sculpture at Garage Tokcan in the neighbourhood of Laakkwartier. 

Görkem Arıkan is an interdisciplinary sound artist and performer.  He is engaged in new forms of musical expression, interactive installations and DIY instruments. As a research associate at the Institute of Sonology he wanders around the uniting properties of the listening act as both cognitive and physical phenomenon.

You can experience this work as part of the Proximity Music tour. Find out more here.