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Benjamin Abel & The Unrequired Love


Friday 10 September

Incidentally, inspiration can sprout from something as banal as a gaffe. Enter Belgian outfit Benjamin Abel & The Unrequired Love, which was supposed to say “unrequited love”, but a simple typo sparked something that made even more sense to opera singer Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe and composer Laurens Mariën. Having made the human sexual anatomy somewhat a case study with various projects, the duo introduced their coy, dramaturgical brand of pop on the aptly-titled LP Spectacles. These songs bring an uncensored passion play to the stage that subverts universal ideas on love, pornography and ritual. Naturally, Benjamin Abel & The Unrequired Love pull out all the stops on stage, adding striking visuals, stage props, dancers and performance artists to an already unforgettable juxtaposition of musical styles.