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Hans Beckers

Proximity Music

10, 11, 12 September

La Floresta (2021)

'La Floresta’ is a performative musical installation. The music is a continuous, uninterrupted composition where different sound textures and rhythmical layers alternate. The main focus of the music lies in the details and subtleness of the sounds of the archaic instruments and natural materials, and the whole range of dynamics arising from play.  “My aim with this work is to bring an audience into a state of deep listening, into a trance-like state, and let them experience sound in its deep differentiations and intensities. This work is a juxtaposition of nature and technology meaning the technology is used as a tool to reinforce the experience and to make natural sounds tangible.”

La Floresta by Hans Beckers is commissioned by iii in collaboration with ChampdAction (

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You can experience this work as part of the Proximity Music tour. Find out more here.