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Kluster5 performs Celia Swart

Elevation of self-validation

Presented in collaboration with Festival Dag in de Branding on Saturday 18th Sept. Find out more here

No one escapes: the smartphone dominates a huge part of our lives. Also that of composer Celia Swart, who is acutely aware of the pitfalls of social media: ‘In this parallel internet world, you always show your best side. I’m no different. I would never write that I’ve had a bad week, or post a photo of my room looking a mess. This means we’ve created a new world where nothing is now what it seems.’

In the multimedia piece Elevation of self-validation which she wrote for Kluster5, Swart shows how a young woman loses herself in this virtual dimension. Lonely violinist Cecí Gold’sworld gradually becomes more complex and layered. The distinction between real and fake is ever more difficult to make out, even for herself.