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A State of Amplitude


10, 11, 12 & 18 September

‘A State of Amplitude’ is an exhibition presenting a series of sonic sculptures, instruments and sound transmitting vessels. A focus is drawn in on the potential of re-amplifying the micro-powers of vibrating matter. Using the idea of a membrane as a selective instrument, excerpts of sonics are filtered, distorted an amplified. In these sound architectures, an unfolding of the external dimension arises, re-fabricating it into a mode of composed reality. Through entering this space of vibrations an identification assembles between listeners and elemental matter, between inside and outside, between hallucination and realism.

An assemblage of active sounding objects remain open for compositional coincidences, new spatial conditions and modes of relation. These dynamic aspects result in a shifting soundscape forged by the acoustic setting and the state of the observer.

Participating artists: Louis Braddock Clarke (UK/NL), Wen Chin Fu (TW/NL), Hans van Koolwijk (NL), Mike Rijnierse (NL), Andreas Trobollowitsch (AT), Andre Bartetzki (DE), Natalia Dominguez Rangel (AT/NL/CO) and Rob Bothof (NL).