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Lee Gamble

Flush Real Pharynx feat. Clifford Sage

Saturday 11 September

London-based artist, composer, producer and DJ Lee Gamble coined a practice that explores computer-based music through the lens of rave culture, culminating in a series of records for PAN and Hyperdub respectively. With roots burrowed deeply in the realms of jungle and pirate radio, Gamble helmed UIQ, a label which evolved into a platform for emergent and boundary-shattering electronic music. At Rewire 2021, Gamble will present the Dutch premier of his new audiovisual show, which revolves around his current trio of records for Hyperdub. Merging together to form the album ‘Flush Real Pharynx 2019-2021’. Written over the last three years, FRP unintentionally frames and timestamps a turbulent period. It’s a ride through part synthetic, part modelled, part imitation, part taught, part human, part hopeful, part chaotic part reflective and paradoxically affirmative space. File under #GullyAutomatedHyperConcrète