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Desire Marea: NEZIMAKADE

Saturday 11 September

Kwazulu-natal born multi-disciplinary artist Desire Marea (born Buyani Duma) is a founding member of Johannesburg collective FAKA. With creative partner Fela Gucci, Desire turned a lot of heads in the realms of music and fashion alike, partnering with Versace to soundtrack their S/S 2019 menswear show and being included in the Vogue World 100 and Dazed 100 lists. Their debut album 'Desire' is a high-wired but intimate examination of loss, displacement and the ways love can turn toxic within contemporary life. Though fearless and refractory, Desire interlaces these bleeding edge sonics with folkloric spiritual incantations, snapshots from decidedly grounded human experiences. It serves as a captivating introduction at Rewire 2021 to Desire’s singular and multi-faceted vision, as they are accompanied by their band NEZIMAKADE.