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Geoffrey Burton & Sarah Yu Zeebroek

Friday 10 September

A performance between Geoffrey Burton and  Sarah Yu Zeebroek is never a repeated occasion, and given their respective backgrounds, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. When not out pioneering with synth pop outliers Hong Kong Dong, Burton is known for his involvement with artists as diverse as Iggy Pop and Sophie Hunger. Hong Kong Dong-bandmate and partner-in-life Zeebroek, meanwhile, is well-versed in visual art, illustration, music, theatre and interior design. For this project, Zeebroek and Burton create a conversation between music and visual projection that reciprocates and develops in real time. By osmosis, the two enwrap the room in a sensory experience that morphs and unravels according to visceral impulse and imagination, giving the audience a candid, unwritten glimpse of their incumbent relationship.