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Pelle Schilling

Proximity Music

10, 11, 12 September

Incandescence Rain (2018)

Incandescence Rain is an immersive installation in which beauty meets danger. A ceiling containing 25 angle grinders create a shower of sparks under which the visitor is invited to walk wearing special protective equipment. 

Incandescence looks at the beauty that can be found in the metal workshop. “Ever since I can remember, I’ve been running around the workshop of my father’s interior construction company. As a little boy, standing on the stairs, I watched the welders at their work with wide eyes, amazed at the spectacle. As I got older I transitioned from spectator to participant. My primary focus shifted to the functionality of the machines, so much so I forgot about the initial draw. Now for this project, I’ve taken this beauty out of the context of the workshop so I can be amazed again and share this with others”.

Pelle Schilling is a young artist from Amsterdam who works with natural phenomena, chaotic processes and large machines, creating experiences that are both delicate and threatening.

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