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What's on today: Sunday at the Rewire 2021 - offline edition

12 Sep 2021

There's still so much to explore on the Sunday of the Rewire 2021 - offline edition! With plenty of things to check out across the city the programme today is completely free to access without a ticket, so take a look at our highlights for the day and dive in!

Proximity Music

During the festival, Rewire collaborates with artist run platform iii to present Proximity Music, an extensive tour of installations scattered across The Hague which engage with the senses and the body, with instruments and machines, with ritual and play. Starting from the government center and taking a walk through underground and repurposed art venues, the tour will present works from Laurie Spiegel & Mark Fell, Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Cathy van Eck, Gorkem Arikan, Pelle Schilling, Mariska de Groot, EJTECH, Sól Ey, Hans Beckers and Kunrad.

Two of these projects require prior registration:

Hans Beckers presents ‘La Floresta’

There are a number of time-slots available, register here for free →

Music for a Busy City

Music for a Busy City features five new pieces of recorded music, each created in response to a specific characteristic location in the city centre, including De Passage, De Gevangenport, De Bijenkorf, Spinozahuis and Paviljoensgracht. Between 10 and 15 minutes long, these recorded pieces become part of the spaces that inspire them – playing in rotation every 90 mins, so you can journey around town and hear each one in succession. The project consists of new commissioned compositions by Ain Bailey, Genevieve Murphy, and Pete Harden, Yannis Kyriakides will be presenting two new pieces.

Find out more about Music for a Busy City here.

A State of Amplitude

‘A State of Amplitude’ is an exhibition presenting a series of sonic sculptures, instruments and sound transmitting vessels. A focus is drawn in on the potential of re-amplifying the micro-powers of vibrating matter. Using the idea of a membrane as a selective instrument, excerpts of sonics are filtered, distorted an amplified. In these sound architectures, an unfolding of the external dimension arises, re-fabricating it into a mode of composed reality. Through entering this space of vibrations an identification assembles between listeners and elemental matter, between inside and outside, between hallucination and realism.

Participating artists: Louis Braddock Clarke (UK/NL), Wen Chin Fu (TW/NL), Hans van Koolwijk (NL), Mike Rijnierse (NL), Andreas Trobollowitsch (AT), Andre Bartetzki (DE), Natalia Dominguez Rangel (AT/NL/CO) and Rob Bothof (NL).