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Route Alt Pop

Experience the artists that take pop in wildly new directions

From contemplative R&B and moody hip-hop to operatic collaborations and rebellious club bangers, Rewire 2023 features some of the most vibrant artists that are taking pop-leaning music into radical new directions. Dive into the immersive, energetic and hyped performances that will surely make the Rewire venues tremble and witness these radiant and hypnotic performers share their distinct music on stage.


There’s hardly a better way to kick-off your festival experience than with an intimate performance of the Australian duo of musicians Jonnine Standish and Nigel Yang, aka HTRK. For their first live performance in the Netherlands since 2009, HTRK will transform their spectral torch songs into quiet storms of tension, texture, and transcendence — as heard on their brilliant album Rhinestones

Watch "HTRK Poison (unofficial)" by "HTRK" on

Stick around in PAARD I for what must be an all-out performance by British producer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist Coby Sey. Following his Rewire 2022 performance, Coby Sey is returning to The Hague to music from his incredible debut album Conduit, this time in a five-piece formation that will surely blow you away.  

Hop over to PAARD II for a mesmerising hybrid of pop, drill, ambient and rave, as performed by British producer, songwriter, and performer Rainy Miller, whose music skew pop, ambient, and rap and turns them into incredibly intimate and personal, brooding songs.

For a fitting finale of your Friday at Rewire, venture to Korzo to witness the world premiere of The Heels of Joy, an original live music show combining Andalusian folklore, South American styles, Pop, urban, and avant-garde club music made and performed by Maoupa Mazzocchetti with Luna Maria Cedrón & Samir Aouad

Watch "Coby Sey - Permeated Secrets" by "Coby Sey" on


Prime your body and mind for the Saturday night to come with the heady atmospheres of Malibu’s incredible fusion of ambient, trance and post-club, resulting in soothing, stirring, and ethereal music. 

Then head out to Korzo for the world premiere of a collaborative piece by Nadah El Shazly & Elvin Brandhi that takes the canonical opera up to speed with contemporary culture, including its awareness of geopolitical issues, global industrialisation, and dissonant ecosystems that dictate contemporary life. 

Either move to Concordia CC for the free-spirited rap collaborations of ​​Infinity Knives & Brian Ennals or head back to PAARD for the maximalist hyperpop of Himera, presenting the world premiere of their live A/V show. 

Watch "Death of a Constable" by "Infinity Knives" on

Don’t miss the theatrical, and grotesque live performances of Sarahsson, who fuses classical music with metal, experimental electronics, and hardcore, creating a distinctly personal sound world in which she explores themes like queerness, identity, history, and belonging.

Finish your Saturday in Concordia CC again, for the world premiere of Deena Abdelwaheds new show that features new material from her upcoming album. The Tunisian producer and DJ is known for her fearless DJ sets and the production of intense and rebellious pieces of electronic dance music, so this will undoubtedly be a fitting conclusion of an unforgettable day. 


One of the greatest musical discoveries of the last few years has been the experimental yet effortless R&B of Dawuna, whose staggeringly beautiful album Glass Lit Dream became a sensation. Head to Amare, where Dawuna performs songs of his opus, amongst others, and showcases his extraordinary musical talents, unflinching songwriting chops, and spirituous stage presence. 

Watch "Dawuna - Bad Karma" by "Dawuna" on

Taking over PAARD I with his captivating pop/club hybrids is Zebra Katz, the fierce persona of Jamaican-American multidisciplinary rapper, producer, songwriter and performing artist Ojay Morgan. Expect a high energy performance with all-out pop bangers.  

What’s gearing up to be another Rewire 2023 highlight is a performance by the adventurous R&B superstar Kelela, who will, amongst others, share new music from her acclaimed third studio album Raven, which features moody R&B anthems and contemplative pop hybrids that will turn PAARD I into a beautiful dancefloor.