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Deena Abdelwahed

World premiere

The Tunisian producer and DJ Deena Abdelwahed arrived in France at the age of 26 after earning her stripes on the Tunis scene. Known for her fearless DJ sets and the production of intense and rebellious pieces of electronic dance music, Abdelwahed uses her music to reflect on issues regarding identity and geography, while never missing a beat when it comes to providing exciting and powerful dance music. Besides her additional production work on two Fever Ray songs, Abdelwahed caught global attention with forceful releases like the EPs Klabb (2017) and Dhakar (2020) and full-length album Khonnar (2018). Before this she performed her first ever live set at Rewire 2018. Currently, Abdelwahed is gearing up for the release of her new album. During Rewire 2023, she will present a new show fully based on material from her upcoming release. 

Sat 8 Apr