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Rainy Miller

Hailing from Preston in the North-West of England, producer, songwriter, and performer Rainy Miller is a peer of like-minded musicians like Blackhaine, Iceboy Violet, and Space Afrika, whose songs skew pop, ambient, and rap and turns them into incredibly intimate and personal, brooding songs. His latest album Desquamation (Fire, Burn. Nobody) (2022) is an ambitious and personal work that sees Miller pushing the boundaries of his production style with stretches of lamenting ambient interrupted by propulsive flashes of noise and percussion. The affective soundscapes make space for Miller’s introspective vocals, often warped and transformed with mournful Auto-Tune effects. The result is hazy bedroom pop with bursts of pummeling drill and chest-bursting rave.

Co-presented by Carhartt WIP

Fri 7 Apr