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Nadah El Shazly & Elvin Brandhi

As two voices pushing the standards of accepted feminine vocal spectrum in very different ways, Nadah El Shazly and Elvin Brandhi are colliding to investigate what a postmodern opera would sound like. Conceived en route between Cairo, Kampala and Paris, Pollution Opera incorporates what the artists call a “cacophony carbon orchestra”, embracing dissonance and looking into poetic ways of re-establishing intimacy. El Shazly is known for her fresh and fearless performances and is a prominent and captivating voice in the electronic music underworld of her hometown, Cairo, while Brandhi is known for her eccentric beats, made with field recordings, tape, vinyl, instrument, and voice. Taking the canonical form of the opera and bringing it up to speed with contemporary culture, the cross-continental pairing – assisted by a variety of performers from their local community – uses their collaborative project to reflect on geopolitical issues, global industrialisation, and dissonant ecosystems. Pollution Opera features visuals by Omar El Sadek with video footage shot by Arno Mery.

All concerts in Korzo are seated. Make sure to come on time to secure a spot.

Sat 8 Apr
Korzo - Zaal