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Soothing, stirring, and ethereal music coalesces in the sublime compositions of Malibu, an electronic musician whose enigmatic, sparse output was immediately received with rapturous critical acclaim. Held, her contribution to influential nu-ambient PAN compilation album Mono No Aware (2017), was an alluring entrypoint into the musical sensibilities of Malibu: gentle layers of reverb, gleaming melodic chord progressions, and swelling ambient hums. Her debut EP One Life (2019) was curated by musician Julianna Barwick on the label Joyful Noise. Together with follow-up Palaces of Pity (2022), they reveal the magnificent depth at the heart of Malibu’s work, which combines the best aspects of trance, new age, and ambient, turning these elements into a personal and perplexing new whole.

Sat 8 Apr
Amare - Conservatoriumzaal