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Zebra Katz

Zebra Katz, born Ojay Morgan, is a Jamaican-American multidisciplinary rapper, producer, songwriter and performing artist. His breakthrough hit Ima Read (2012) became a smash-hit due to its stark production, iconic vocals and oozing, libidinal energy. Genre-defying and self-made, the Zebra Katz character originally surfaced through Morgan’s thesis project at the Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts at the New School. Making music became an extension of Morgan’s interest in theatre and culture studies, identity obsession, and the lively New York City underground arts scene around him. Debut album LESS IS MOOR (2020) further proved his knack for combining experimental music and club bangers in a performative and eccentric mould. Finding inspiration in artists like James Baldwin, Grace Jones, Nina Simone, and Little Richard, the versatile LESS IS MOOR is a pop juggernaut that packs a heavy discursive punch. On stage, Zebra Katz’s music translates to high energy performances that draw the audience into Morgan’s captivating persona.

Sun 9 Apr