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World premiere

Crystal-clear arpeggiated synths and dramatic trance stabs collide with bouncy percussion and playful sound design on Sharing Secrets (2022), the sparkling debut album of Amsterdam-based producer Himera. Channelling the sugary sounds of the hyperpop pioneers from PC Music, the extremely online esthetics of Drain Gang, and the epic trance maximalism of Evian Christ, Himera has crafted a delightfully digital form of extreme pop music. Catchy vocal features by the likes of Hannah Diamond and Golin only underline the pop sensibilities at the heart of Himera’s music. For Rewire 2023, Himera will rework Sharing Secrets into a new A/V show, with visuals from designer and artist Otso Reitala, who designed the colourful artwork for Sharing Secrets.

Co-presented by Carhartt WIP

Sat 8 Apr