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The experimental yet effortless R&B of Dawuna conjures an intoxicating story world in which Dawuna is the mysterious protagonist. Releasing his staggeringly beautiful album Glass Lit Dream via O___o, Dawuna became somewhat of an internet sensation himself, garnering widespread acclaim from the who’s who of contemporary music. The underground hit beautifully renders gospel, soul, R&B, and dance into a texturally rich, emotionally inviting, and otherworldly whole. Dawuna’s incredible range as a vocalist – all crooning, whispering, lamenting – is perfectly carried by his minimal productions that include shades of ambient, lo-fi hip hop, and intoxicating synth lines. During Rewire 2023, Dawuna performs songs of his opus, amongst others, and showcases his extraordinary musical talents, unflinching songwriting chops, and spirituous stage presence. 

European premiere

Sun 9 Apr
Amare - Conservatoriumzaal