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The music of Kelela has always been simultaneously suited for a packed club event and an intimate listening session at home. By embracing emerging club styles pioneered by visionary producers like Bok Bok, Arca, and Jam City, Kelela has reshaped contemporary R&B in her own vision with brooding instrumentals, soaring vocals, and glistening sound design. Murky textures of bass music and dark club tracks can turn into gorgeous pieces of adventurous pop music thanks to the ever-crystalline presence of this outstanding vocalist. Kelela keeps nurturing this unique sound, resulting in instant-classic releases like the bouncy mixtape Cut 4 Me (2013), introspective club opus Hallucinogen (2015), and stunning debut album Take Me Apart (2017). Recently, Kelela released lead singles Washed Away and Happy Ending off her upcoming studio album Raven, returning with new music after five years. Kelela’s exclusive live performance at Rewire 2023 will undoubtedly be an emotionally charged experience.

Kelela performs on Sunday 9 April.

Sun 9 Apr