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Listen: the Rewire 2021 festival playlist

Following the announcement of our second round of artists and projects for the Rewire 2021 online edition, we’ve created playlists featuring music from these artists to give you a taste of what to expect over the festival weekend.

Our second announcement saw a number of different projects added to the line-up, including a very special remote residency between iconic Brazilian singer Elza Soares and American avant-garde trumpeter jaimie branch. Kenyan sound artist KMRU collaborates with Dutch filmmaker Donna Verheijden, plus genre-spanning performances from Kate NV, OOIOO, Satomimagae, Raja Kirik and Maria W Horn. Interactive projects from Clifford Sage, Meuko! Meuko! & NAXS Corp., NYX have been added to the line-up and much, much more. Find music from all of these artists, and the artists announced in our first round, below.

Listen to the Rewire 2021 playlist on Spotify:


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Read the full announcement here.