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Clifford Sage

presents Tuner

Clifford Sage (aka Recsund) is a CGI moving image artist based in London. Often working with animation and virtual world building, Sage explores audio interaction and non-linear storytelling through game engines. Since graduating in Visual Communications from the Royal College of Art in 2010, Sage has collaborated and worked with many artists over the years, such as Iain Ball, Joe Holder, Lawrence Lek, Lee Gamble, Sidsel Hansen, Candice Lin. At Rewire 2021 he presents ‘Tuner’, an ever evolving audiovisual project. Using bespoke audio interactivity, Sage presents the first iteration of the project involving audience participation throughout a real-time stream. In the world of ‘Tuner’ we find ourselves aboard a biomechanical cleaning boat sent out on a solo mission to find and rescue earthbound fish. For this new version of Recsund’s ‘Tuner’ we continue collaborating with the ProDancer (the avatar of Recsund) in order for our boat to rescue fish and free them from polluted waters. Exclusive to Rewire 2021 the audience will get to interact with the Tuner world Live, assisting the ProDancer in managing water levels and allowing him to perform certain pop hits. The audience will get to make collective votes and in turn change audio characteristics of the performance.