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KMRU & Donna Verheijden

World premiere - commissioned by Rewire

Currently studying sonic arts in Berlin, Joseph Kamaru aka KMRU was brought up in Nairobi, where he developed a keen ear for interpreting the dense sounds that surrounded him. His works are made up of disorienting drones, evocative field recordings, noise, improvisation and field recordings and his last three albums, 2020's "Peel", "Opaquer" and "Jar" received high praise from Resident Advisor, DJ Mag, NPR and Bandcamp.. At Rewire 2021 he collaborates with Dutch filmmaker and video artist Donna Verheijden to create a new audiovisual work responding to one another’s artistic practice. As a contemporary image maker, Donna sees it as a responsibility to analyze and criticize today’s imagescapes.

For Rewire 2021 they present 'MicroVerse', an audiovisual piece meandering through micro universes. The starting point of the collaboration between KMRU and Donna Verheijden has been a dialogue about bubbles and a longing for Being. In. Nature. Using fragments from both their own archives as well as existing archives, the piece presents a multi-faceted drift through KMRU and Donna Verheijden their practices.

undertows, living, 
breathing, wanting to be, 
minute creatures, beautiful, 
in a micro world, 
they sound, resound. 
live, vibrate,


listen, so much to learn, 
relisten, again, 
what do you hear, 
discard, anthropocentrism, 
It’s a polyphony, 
a dialogue, harmony, 

they are us; we are them, 
humans, non-humans