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What's on today: Day 4 of Rewire 2021

09 May 2021

We’ve reached our final day of Rewire 2021! As sad as we are to be saying goodbye to the festival today, its been amazing to see so many visitors getting involved, and artists joining the Discord chat. Take a look at our tips for day 4 of the festival, there’s so much for you to still explore!

Tune in live here:

Today we see the closing out of our discourse programme, which has provided an active basis for discussion and a platform to explore ideas related to our festival theme of (Re)setting. We recommend you to spend the afternoon immersing yourself in talks by AM Kanngieser, as they read sections from their forthcoming book "Between Sound and Silence: Listening for Environmental Relations" on listening at the intersections of colonisation and ecocide. Salomé Voegelin will be in conversation with Jennifer Walshe, as they will share a conversation around written scores, the body and possible worlds. Finally, for those that were as blown away by Masma Dream World’s performance yesterday as we were, you will not want to miss the Voice Design meditation, which she presents under her name Devi Mambouka, that aims to optimise our awareness and capacity to listen. Check our tips on the rest of the programme below.

Byron Westbrook & Koen Holtkamp (18.25 Channel 1)
Close friends for years, Byron Westbrook and Koen Holtkamp found themselves on opposite sides of the USA when COVID-19 struck. "Chromatic Dispersion", which they present at Rewire, was conceived as a way to stay connected, beginning as a visual interpretation by Holtkamp of Westbrook's most recent compositions before it evolved into its own idiosyncratic project. As the duo worked together more frequently, they began to allow their work to feed into itself, with Westbrook taking sonic cues from Holtkamp's visual treatments and vice versa. 

Maria W Horn (19.20 Channel 1)
Maria W Horn is a composer hailing from the north of Sweden, based in Stockholm since 2011. She is interested in the manipulation of time and space through sonic extremes – oscillating between minimalist structures and piercing power electronics utilizing both digital and analog synthesis as well as acoustic instruments and audiovisual components. At Rewire 2021 she presents 'Dies Irae', a piece composed for female vocal quartet and electronics.

KMRU & Donna Verheijden (19.50 Channel 1)
Kenyan sound artist KMRU's works are made up of disorienting drones, evocative field recordings, noise, improvisation and field recordings. For Rewire 2021 he was invited to collaborate with acclaimed Dutch filmmaker and video artist Donna Verheijden to create a new work entitled 'MicroVerse', an audiovisual piece meandering through micro universes. Using fragments from both their own archives as well as existing archives, the piece presents a multi-faceted drift through KMRU and Donna Verheijden their practices.

Karen Willems & Machinefabriek (19.55 Channel 2)
Belgian percussionist and composer Karen Willems is a serial collaborator but in her many years of working with musicians, she has never collaborated with an electronic artist before, making Rewire 2021's collaboration with Machinefabriek an intriguing challenge. Dutch producer Rutger Zuydervelt works with drone, noise, ambient music and field recordings to create glacial soundscapes, eerie electro-acoustic environments and crushing walls of static. Here they present the outcome of their residency at the Electriciteitsfabriek in The Hague.

Kate NV (20.15 Channel 1)
“Music knows what she wants,” says Moscow-based artist, Kate NV. On 'Room for the Moon', released on the esteemed RVNG Intl. label, NV follows this muse in fluid expression, harmonizing her lunar lullabies with a starry compositional choreography. NV is accompanied by long-time music collaborators on 'Moon': Jenya Gorbunov, Vladimir Luchanskiy, and Quinn Oulton. Musician Nami Sato’s gentle words lift and lilt over synth for one piece, too. For Rewire 2021 Kate NV presents a recorded performance with music from the album.

Clifford Sage (20.30 Channel 2)
Clifford Sage (aka Recsund) is a CGI moving image artist based in London. Here he presents ‘Tuner’, an ever evolving audiovisual project. In the world of ‘Tuner’ we find ourselves aboard a biomechanical cleaning boat sent out on a solo mission to find and rescue earthbound fish. For this new version of ‘Tuner’ we continue collaborating with the ProDancer (the avatar of Recsund) in order for our boat to rescue fish and free them from polluted waters. Exclusive to Rewire 2021 you can interact with the Tuner world Live, assisting the ProDancer in managing water levels and allowing him to perform certain pop hits.

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Zeena Parkins (20.55 Channel 1)
Brooklyn based multidisciplinary artist and composer Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe was invited to collaborate with New York harpist and electro-acoustic pioneer Zeena Parkins in an online residency for Rewire 2021. Together they present a new piece entitled 'Psi Lane Work'. Parkins had been fascinated with the research and compositions that Lowe had been making using the Harry Bertoia Sonambient sound sculptures and had recently herself finished a project sampling many of her unique sounds on the acoustic harp . With this as the palette they crafted a new work together, remotely due to the pandemic, but still feeling organic.

Wojciech Rusin (21.20 Channel 1)
Pulling influence from gnostic and alchemical texts and early renaissance music, Polish-born audiovisual artist Wojciech Rusin inhabits an impressively far-off musical cloister. 2019's "The Funnel" was a startling example of this, overlaying eerie woodwind sounds with Greek-Egyptian philosophy, fizzing synthesized electronics and haunting atmospheres. For Rewire 2021, Rusin interprets 'The Funnel' with a specially-formed ensemble of a string trio (Freda D’souza, David Denyer, Khabat Abas), soprano (Eden Girma) and a video artist (Stefan Goodchild).

Raja Kirik (21.55 Channel 1)
Raja Kirik is the project of composer, DJ/producer and digital artist Yennu Ariendra and Johanes “Mo’ong” Santoso Pribadi, an experimental music composer and instrument builder, both hailing from Indonesia. Transposing Jaranan Buto folklore and the myth of the King Menak Jinggo (the Dog King) into present day, Raja Kirik explore music and dance as a vehicle for protest. Thankfully rescheduled from Rewire 2020, the duo now present a performance recorded in Indonesia for Rewire 2021.

Portal: Music for a Busy City (continuous)
Music for A Busy City features five new pieces of recorded music, each created in response to a specific characteristic location in the city centre of The Hague. Up to 10 minutes long, these recorded pieces become part of the spaces that inspire them. The project consists of new commissioned compositions by Ain Bailey, Genevieve Murphy, and Pete Harden, Yannis Kyriakides will be presenting two new pieces.

Now with this online interpretation you can access these musical works remotely. Visitors are invited to explore a digital map of these five specific locations in The Hague, with 360-degree photography and video. Expanding our understanding of a musical experience, sound, physical and digital space, Music for a Busy City takes four composers out of the concert hall and into the urban landscape, making music for the spaces we pass every day.

Portal: Pussykrew (continuous)
Ewelina Aleksandrowicz and Andrzej Wojtas are Polish-born / NYC-based award-winning Directors and Artists, working under the moniker Pussykrew. Their work ‘Serpent of Self’ is an interactive film written in collaboration with AI. The work is a form of immersive gaming odyssey, that explores themes of materiality, non-binary dreams, mysticism, primal forces of nature and ritual. Through a collaborative machine learning process, by deconstructing past, present, and future, Pussykrew creates new narratives and mythologies driven by folklore and speculative fiction. They are trying to find new ways of seeing human/non-human experiences. Explore this via the portal section of the virtual festival hub!