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What's on today: Day 3 of Rewire 2021

08 May 2021

After a hugely successful Friday night of the festival weekend, now we shift focus to what we’ve got coming up on day 3. It was great to see so many people taking part in the interactive projects from GLOR1A & alpha_rats, as well as Meuko! Meuko! & NAXS Corp. Take a look at our tips for today below.

Tune in live here: 

Starting off with our discourse programme, we have Johanna Hedva in conversation with Jessika Khazrik at 16.00 CET on Channel 2, as they discuss Hedva’s album ‘Black Moon Lilith in Pisces in the 4th House’, the ontology of the eclipse and sound as instantiating astral matter. This will be followed by a performance from Johanna Hedva, and throughout the day Jessika Khazrik presents the next in her series of anti-ads ‘Pharmakopoeia قرابادين’ throughout the day. Check out some of these performances as the evening approaches, including world premieres, audiovisual works and our collaboration with virtual club Club Qu. Get ready for an exhilarating Saturday!

Satomimagae (Channel 1 18.30 CET)
It was a childhood obsession with the guitar that set Satomimagae off on her musical journey. Poring over delta blues music her dad had brought home to Japan from their travels in the US, Satomi began to experiment with writing her own songs, using a computer to develop her sound. For Rewire 2021 she presents music from her latest album ‘Hanazono’, with electric guitar and bird sounds from Hideki Urawa, the record is a deceptively low-key tribute to everyday mysticism that's solitary and private, but simultaneously generous.

Dreamcrusher & Andrés Baron (Channel 1 19.00 CET)
For almost two decades, Kansas-born multidisciplinary artist Luwayne Glass has been pushing the boundaries of noise, industrial music and performance under the Dreamcrusher moniker. Born in Bogotá, Colombia and currently living in Paris, Andrés Baron is a filmmaker and photographer who works to portray sensuality and humanity, challenging stereotypes by highlighting shape, color and the relationships we have with photographs, film and video. Rewire invited the two artists to collaborate on an exclusive audiovisual work entitled 'Grammars' for Rewire 2021.

No Plexus (Channel 1 19.30 CET)
No Plexus is a genre-queer electronic duo comprising of vocalist and composer Bec Plexus and producer No Compliments. In collaboration with Roel Wouters of interactive design studio Moniker, No Plexus have set their music to the tensions between nature's brutal powers and our need to tame, control, and ultimately manicure it. In this trilogy of twenty-five minutes, unnatural forms in nature meet angular melodies and rhythms. ‘Manicurism’ was intended to be a simple video registration of a live performance, but exploded into a high tech production. Filmed with an arsenal of drones, the visual album features otherworldly locations that have been drastically transformed by human intervention: a man-made crater, a levitating mountain and a meticulously planted bonsai farm.

claire rousay & Morita Vargas (Channel 1 20.00 CET)
Based in San Antonio, Texas, percussionist, improviser and producer claire rousay creates sound that magnifies the importance of everyday life's often-ignored moments, from voicemails to whispered conversations. For Rewire 2021 she was invited to collaborate in an online residency with Argentinian producer and vocalist Morita Vargas, who uses her own self-invented language to examine fantasy soundscapes, creating shimmering atmospheres from a collage of sounds.

Leo Svirsky & The River Without Banks (Channel 1 20.25 CET)
With a body of work exploring the instability of listening and the disorientation of memory, the Hague-based artist Leo Svirsky will present a preview of his expansive project Leo Svirsky & The River Without Banks with a select group of musicians. With the preview being adapted for Rewire 2021’s online edition, the project was originally commissioned for Rewire 2020. The Russian-American composer unpacks the vision behind his acclaimed Unseen Worlds debut, ‘River Without Banks’.

Bby Eco (Channel 2 20.35 CET)
Amsterdam-based visual artist and producer Joris Benjamins, aka Bby Eco, makes utopian music he describes as eco-pop. Benjamins just released his debut LP "Grow!" a narrative-driven album full of hymn-like songs that tell a story of personal transformation, love, dreams and our spiritual connection to nature. He uses his own falsetto vocals to offset the music's psychedelic, synthesized textures, communicating the perpetual back-and-forth between the natural world and the digital world. Here he presents a performance recorded in the Electriciteitsfabriek in The Hague.

Masma Dream World (Channel 1 21.30 CET)
Devi Mambouka’s evolution in becoming a multidisciplinary artist is rooted in her past informing her present and future. Play at Night, her debut album under the moniker Masma Dream World, is the resume of her learnings and experiences. Mambouka's music is daring and unique, distilling her rich cultural history and travels into spiritual, magical healing songs. She performs music from 'Play at Night' in this unique participatory performance.

Club Qu x Rewire (External / Channel 2 21.00)
In collaboration with virtual club Club Qu, we present a number of DJ-sets and hybrid club performances at the club. Imagine a rave and a video game combined, in an immersive, interactive, community-led 3D club where attendees can party with one-another whilst experiencing performances from artists from across the globe. Featuring sets from Bashar Suleiman, Siete Catorce (live), BFTT, Hyph11E, Tzusing and Badsista!

Peter Cusack - Durational Listening (Radio 00.00 CET)
Peter Cusack will also present a live audio stream in collaboration with radio.aporee. This stream is created by a portable system (based around a small battery operated RaspPi computer) that fits into a lunch box. Two mini microphones pick up the sound and the device streams into the phone network. Usually he finds an interesting place and leaves it there for as long as the battery lasts (approx 36hrs). Such places have included rural wildlife sites full of birds’ song, but also urban green spots and city edgelands where interactions and interferences between the natural and human worlds are plainly audible.