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claire rousay & Morita Vargas

World premiere - commissioned by Rewire

Based in San Antonio, Texas, percussionist, improviser and producer claire rousay creates sound that magnifies the importance of everyday life's often-ignored moments, from voicemails to whispered conversations. She has released a run of albums over the last two years for labels like Longform Editions, Astral Spirits and American Dreams, notching up a significant amount of positive critical attention from Pitchfork, NPR and elsewhere. At Rewire 2021 she will be collaborating in an online residency with Argentinian producer and vocalist Morita Vargas, who uses her own self-invented language to examine fantasy soundscapes, creating shimmering atmospheres from a collage of sounds. Deeply personal, her work tackles themes of mutation, death, melancholy and joy, hovering between ambient and experimental forms.