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Dreamcrusher & Andrés Baron

World premiere - commissioned by Rewire

For almost two decades, Kansas-born multidisciplinary artist Luwayne Glass has been pushing the boundaries of noise, industrial music and performance under the Dreamcrusher moniker. What began as an attempt to explore their identity as a queer, non-binary Black artist in America's bible belt has slowly developed into more personal, confrontational, concise and challenging work. Last year, they released their most high-profile works to date, 'Panopticon!' and 'Another Country', both issued on New York City's PTP imprint and both distorting rigid aesthetics of noise and genre with wry sensitivity, passion and humor. Born in Bogotá, Colombia and currently living in Paris, Andrés Baron is a filmmaker and photographer who works to portray sensuality and humanity, challenging stereotypes by highlighting shape, color and the relationships we have with photographs, film and video. Rewire has commissioned the two artists to collaborate on an exclusive audiovisual work entitled 'Grammars' for Rewire 2021.