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Rewire 2021 x Club Qu

Saturday 08 May 2021 — 18:00

In collaboration with virtual club Club Qu, Rewire will present a number of DJ-sets and hybrid club performances on the Saturday night of the festival at the club. Imagine a rave and a video game combined, in an immersive, interactive, community-led 3D club where attendees can party with one-another whilst experiencing performances from artists from across the globe.

Find out more about Club Qu here.

Brazilian DJ Badsista’s musical ability leads the dance floor by various genres of electronic music, such as techno, Chicago house, Brazilian funk. China's Hyph11E is at the forefront of a new generation of producers in Shanghai spearheading China’s club music movement, boasting dark, formidable sound design arranged into hard-hitting and intricate club rhythms. Mexican producer Siete Catorce has formed a unique and signature sound coupling tropical rhythms, both old and new, with styles like dubstep, drum n bass and footwork. Rich in rhythms and references such as industrial, EBM and techno, Shanghai-based Taiwanese producer Tzusing’s DJ sets across Europe have earnedhim a rabid following. Leeds-based DJ and producer BFTT is known for a precise, hyper-futuristic take on UK sound-system music,and Bashar Suleiman, a producer and DJ based in Amman, Jordan started experimenting with sound back in 2011 and has evolved as an electronic music producer through time.