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Peter Cusack

Peter Cusack is a field recordist and sound artist with a long interest in the sound environment. In 1998 he initiated the ‘Favourite Sounds Project’ to discover how people interact with the soundscapes of the places where they live. At Rewire 2021, he will give an individual lecture on 'Sonic Journalism'.

‘Sonic Journalism’ is the aural equivalent of photojournalism. It describes the practice where field recordings play a major role in the discussion and documentation of places, issues and events and where listening to sounds of all kinds strongly informs the approach to research and following narratives whilst on location.

Live audio stream - radio.aporee/Peter Cusack

Peter Cusack will also present a live audio stream in collaboration with radio.aporee. This stream is created by a portable system (based around a small battery operated RaspPi computer) that fits into a lunch box. Two mini microphones pick up the sound and the device streams into the phone network. Usually he finds an interesting place and leaves it there for as long as the battery lasts (approx 36hrs). Such places have included rural wildlife sites full of birds’ song, but also urban green spots and city edgelands where interactions and interferences between the natural and human worlds are plainly audible.

Finding good locations takes some exploring and it’s not always possible predict where it will be in advance. So this stream will be a surprise somewhere from London - maybe an overgrown cemetery or a canalside railway embankment in the Lee Valley Park. Please listen in and check it out. Hearing one place over the daily 24hr cycle is fascinating. There is normality and quiet, but also plenty of sudden events and moments of the truly unexpected.