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Whats on today: Day 2 of Rewire 2021

07 May 2021

After an exciting opening night of the Rewire 2021 online edition yesterday, take a look at our tips for things to check out today. Thanks once again to everyone who tuned in yesterday live and on demand, and joined us on Discord for festival related chat!

Today marks the start of the Rewire 2021 discourse programme, which kicks off with our collaboration with Rotterdam’s Het Nieuwe Instituut, the For the Record: In Another Setting symposium. The symposium will explore design tactics for collective music experiences during the pandemic and beyond, and the changing roles and conditions for artists, music communities, designers, platforms, festivals and venues in creating proximity and community through distributed listening environments. Featuring talks and discussions from the Volumetric Performance Toolbox, Archivo Auxiliar, Jason King, GLOR1A and alpha_rats. Find our tips on the rest of the programme here:

CS + Kreme & Alessandra Leone (Channel 1 19.00 CET)
CS + Kreme, exist completely in their own universe - a genre-skeptical starscape where fuzzy dub, eerie ambience, atonal folk and well-smoked rap can exist together and at once. For Rewire 2021, they were asked to collaborate with Italian motion graphics designer and director Alessandra Leone, known for her dynamic, cutting-edge audiovisual works, on a new piece entitled ‘Storm Rips Banana Tree’.

Levy Lorenzo performs Aphasia (Channel 2 19.20 CET)
Born in Bucharest, Filipino-American Levy Lorenzo's body of work spans custom electronics design, sound engineering, instrument building, installation art, free improvisation, and classical percussion. For Rewire 2021 he performs ‘Aphasia’ by Mark Applebaum. Aphasia, conceived originally for singer and two-channel tape, was commissioned by the GRM, Paris. The tape, an idiosyncratic explosion of warped and mangled sounds, is made up exclusively of vocal samples, subsequently transformed digitally. Against the backdrop of this audio narrative, the singer performs an elaborate set of hand gestures, an assiduously choreographed sign language of sorts.

FUJI|||||||||||TA (Channel 1 19.30 CET)
In 2009, Japanese sound artist Yosuke Fujita hand built a unique pipe organ with eleven pipes, a blacksmith's air pump and no keyboard. Instead of being just another musical instrument, Fujita intended his organ to evoke rich landscapes inspired by the Japanese classical form GAGAKU. In live performances, he has augmented the organ, using sound-synthesized tanks to generate water sounds from multiple aquariums alongside the pipe organ, and compose a live piece while incorporating site-specific elements.

GLOR1A feat. alpha_rats (Channel 2 21.30 CET)
Black gynoid & multidisciplinary musician, GLOR1A is believed to be the first-ever artist to deliver a world premiere of an innovative “choose-your-own-adventure” & interactive livestream performance - ‘SWARM 2.0.’

In SWARM 2.0, audiences can choose how GLOR1A’s performance will be delivered to the world by interacting and guiding the performance via Twitch’s chat function. Audiences will be projected into her world to help save GLOR1A from herself in the format of a livestream Twitch game.

Lost in technology, Black gynoid GLOR1A was created during a data-mining exercise that aimed to understand collective consciousness. As the algorithm reached its peak she started to think for herself, creating un-programmed reflections and unmanned performances; some say she is malfunctioning. This game gives audiences space to play and choose their own experience unlocking powerful performances throughout. 

Duma & Jesse Kanda (Channel 1 21.55 CET)
A groundbreaking and intense fusion of hardcore punk, death metal, extreme noise and rapid-fire breakcore, Duma's music exists in its own artistic vacuum. The project was envisioned by vocalist Martin Khanja (aka Lord Spike Heart) and guitarist and producer Sam Karugu, both proponents of Nairobi's burgeoning underground metal scene. For Rewire 2021, the duo present their one-off collaboration with visual artist and animator Jesse Kanda, whose work is physical, fluid and visceral, balancing aesthetic beauty with notions of the grotesque.

Meuko! Meuko! & NAXS Corp. (Channel 2 22.30 CET)

‘0 Selves’ is an explorative audio-visual journey created by experimental producer Meuko! Meuko! and Taipei-based new media art group NAXS Corp. Audiences must wander through the immense virtual world, to discover live sets, motion-captured virtual performances, and a deceptive virtual fable. Meuko! Meuko! is a solo project of Taipei based artist Pon, the experimental music producer and live performer. Focused on the accelerated transformation of human experiences, Taiwan-based NAXS Corp. investigates the dialectic relation between posthuman mythology, animism ritual practices, creating its fictional framework for the internet society. 

Portal: MSHR’s Instance Terrain Crawler (continuous)
MSHR build sculptural electronic systems that they use to create performances and installations. They have conceived a special work for Rewire 2021 entitled 'Instance Terrain Crawler': an interactive audiovisual composition that takes form as a navigable virtual space. Building on their decade-long series of interactive installations, this project dives into the virtual dimension. Visitors will play the composition by traversing the rooms and hallways of a cybernetic architecture. Feel free to explore this project throughout the entire weekend.

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Check out the full timetable here.