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CS + Kreme & Alessandra Leone

World premiere

Melbourne's Conrad Standish and Sam Karmel, aka CS + Kreme, exist completely in their own universe - a genre-skeptical starscape where fuzzy dub, eerie ambience, atonal folk and well-smoked rap can exist together and at once. After a run of well-received EPs for the Wichelroede, Total Stasis and The Trilogy Tapes labels, Standish and Karmel finally released their debut album last year. 'Snoopy' underscores the magic of CS + Kreme, suffocating genre's trappings under a narcotic fog of half-heard vocals, low-slung beats and wobbly, gut-churning bass. For Rewire 2021, Karmel and Standish work with Italian motion graphics designer and director Alessandra Leone on a new audiovisual work entitled 'Storm Rips Banana Tree'. An artist that collaborated on dynamic, cutting-edge audiovisual works with the likes of Zoë Mc Pherson and Alessandro Cortini, Leone has also co-founded the interdisciplinary performance group StratoFyzika, and the groundbreaking hybrid audio-visual label SFX.