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Important information about your Rewire 2021 visit

08 Sep 2021

During this year’s festival, Rewire will have a Covid-19 safety policy in place. This means that some things will work a little different than usual, please observe the following carefully:

* For the most up to date information, please consult the FAQ section on our website.

- To visit the ticketed programme (taking place at PAARD, Korzo, Koninklijke Schouwburg, Theater aan het Spui, and Lutherse Kerk) you will need to exchange your e-ticket for one wristband to access all those venues. In order to receive this wristband you will need to present proof of vaccination, proof of recovery, or a negative test result (Testen voor Toegang). You can present these using the CoronaCheck app. The location to present the above and receive your wristband is PAARD (Prinsegracht 12). Weekend pass holders need to pick up a new wristband at PAARD on the second day, again presenting proof of vaccination, proof of recovery, or a negative test result.  

- Within the above-mentioned venues, all concerts are seated and all rooms have fixed seats. Indoors the audience can let go of the 1.5m social distancing. You have to remain seated during the concert, but you are allowed to go to the bar for a drink or go to the toilet, or to leave early to catch a show at a different venue or in a different room.

- After the start of a concert, you will not be allowed entrance anymore. Please be on time if you wish to see a certain concert, the timetable is designed to make changing venues easily possible.

- For the free programme, social distancing of 1,5 meters is required. Here you don’t need to present proof of vaccination, proof of recovery, or a negative test result.

- Before you visit the festival, please make sure you are healthy (even when fully vaccinated) by walking through our Corona Health Check

1. Tickets & wristbands

The Rewire 2021 Ticket Office is located at PAARD (Prinsegracht 12). This is your go-to for exchanging your e-ticket for a wristband by presenting proof of vaccination, proof of recovery, or a negative test result, (Testen voor Toegang) via the CoronaCheck app. Make sure to also bring a valid ID.

Tickets cannot be purchased at the Ticket Office, they can only be purchased online. 

Ticket Office opening hours:

Friday ………………………17:00 – 00:00  PAARD, street address: Prinsegracht 12
Saturday……………………13:00 – 00:00  PAARD, street address: Prinsegracht 12

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 regulations, we cannot accept or scan certificates/QR-codes issued both digitally & printed by countries outside the EU. In order to access the festival, non-EU residents have to present a negative test result issued via Testing for Entry (Testen voor Toegang). You are required to present your negative test result using the CoronaCheck app at the Rewire Ticket Office at PAARD. This is the only way for Non-EU residents to enter Rewire 2021.

Make an appointment on (choose English).

Please note, there is only one test location in The Hague, located at Werf 15, which closes at 6 pm daily. You need to make an appoint via with your phone number and email address to get tested. The result will take maximum 2 hours to process.

2. Limited capacity & timetable

Please note that all venues have limited capacity and that you are not allowed entrance after the start of a concert. We strongly advise you to plan your Rewire visit well in advance and to arrive early for any of your must-see concerts.  

Is a concert full? Don’t worry, the timetable is designed so that you will always have the option to visit another concert, making it easily possible to change venues. 

You can pick up a printed timetable copy at the Ticket Office at PAARD. 

See timetable online | Download timetable

Next to the above, read everything else you need to know ahead of this year's festival here. You can also visit the FAQ section on our website.

 3. How to navigate the festival

The ticketed programme for Rewire 2021 is spread across 5 different venues in The Hague’s city centre: PAARD, Koninklijke Schouwburg, Theater aan het Spui, Korzo, and Lutherse Kerk. Most venues are within a short distance of each other, and it shouldn’t take you long to get from one to the other. 

Next to this, the free programme takes place at different venues across the city, ranging from the Scheveningen Harbour to the Haagse Hogeschool. You can find information about each of the Rewire 2021 locations under the Venues tab on the website. To give you a quick overview, we’ve made a handy map. 

 See Rewire 2021 venues | Open festival map

 4. Secure your seat for Galya Bisengalieva & Félicia Atkinson concerts

There is an important update regarding Galya Bisengalieva’s performance at 14.00 and Félicia Atkinson & Ben Rivers’ performance at 15.30, both on Saturday at the Koninklijke Schouwburg. To avoid people missing out on these concerts, we have added a free registration, ensuring that you can claim your seat in advance. Registrations are required for entry, so if you are planning to catch either or both of these performances, be sure to book your spot online.
Secure your seat here for free →

5. Explore our free programme 

The festival also offers a freely accessible programme, with projects taking place from 10 till 12 September at no less than 18 indoor and outdoor locations across the city. Join us for  Proximity Music; a set of installations across the city presented in collaboration with iii, Music for a Busy City; five compositions inspired by and presented at special locations in the city centre, Hearing Like a Herring; a sound expedition by the Embassy of the North Sea in the harbor of Scheveningen and Forest Phantoms; a sound expedition by Barbara Ellison in the The Hague forest. At Quartair, you can visit the exhibition ‘A State of Amplitude’.

Please note that social distancing of 1,5 meters is required for the free programme. You don’t need to present proof of vaccination, proof of recovery, or a negative test result. For some of the activities and shows prior registration is required. 

 6. Register for Rewire 2021 activities 

Some parts of the freely accessible programme, like public interventions, performances and tours, require prior registration. This applies for: 

Ticketed programme (wristband required):

- 11 Sep: Galya Bisengalieva - 15:00 at Koninklijke Schouwburg (register here)
- 11 Sep: Félicia Atkinson & Ben Rivers - 16:30 at Koninklijke Schouwburg (register here)