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What's on today: Day 1 of Rewire 2021

06 May 2021

The Rewire 2021 online edition is here! After months of preparation we’re very excited for you to finally experience everything. For today we’ve prepared a list of different tips for stuff to check out in our brand new virtual festival hub this evening. We also recommend you to check out the Rewire Daily radio show, presented by Gonzo. Head over to the virtual festival hub here:

Check out the first episode of the Rewire Daily show on or radio channel at 16.00 CET. Presented by Dutch journalist Hugo Emmerzael, the first show features a welcome introduction by Hugo, interviews with Show Pony and Pierce Warnecke & Matthew Biederman ahead of their performances today, and Gonzo staff give their own tips for the first day of the festival. Check out our tips here:

Yasuaki Shimizu & Kara-Lis Coverdale (Channel 1 20.05 CET)
In this very special collaboration, visionary Japanese composer, saxophonist and producer   Yasuaki Shimizu will be collaborating in an online residency with Canadian electronic composer and multi-instrumentalist Kara-Lis Coverdale. Unpredictable and beyond categorization, Coverdale is devoted to musical curiosity, rooting her compositions in an emotional sensitivity that swerves manipulation. With their piece 'Wood Fathers', they explore the phenomena of trans-genealogical continuity, the harmonic potentials of call and response, and sound as an extension of self.

Galya Bisengalieva (Channel 1 20.25 CET)
For Rewire 2021, award winning violinist, composer and improviser Galya Bisengalieva debuts a recording of her new live show that centres on the themes of environmental devastation covered in her stunning debut album ‘Aralkum’. Charting the gradual destruction of the Aral sea in Central Asia, one of the world’s worst environmental disasters, her gorgeous but often unsettling compositions are brought to life with panoramic strings, contemplative drones and electronics.

Félicia Atkinson & Ben Rivers (Channel 2 20.55 CET)
French musician Félicia Atkinson is the latest in a long line of artists to tackle deep listening practices. Her music explores the tension between whisper-quiet sounds and searing noise, as she overlays her own words, field recordings, acoustic instruments and subtle electronics. In her collaboration with celebrated British filmmaker Ben Rivers, Atkinson has composed new music that responds to Rivers’ imagery, creating an immersive audiovisual work. 

Holland Andrews (Channel 1 21.10 CET)
Brooklyn-based vocalist, composer and performance artist Holland Andrews uses voice, clarinet and electronics to construct soundscapes that fuse their love of opera, theater and jazz. With an abstract, distorted and completely unique vocal style, Andrews draws upon themes of vulnerability, healing and the disintegration of language. For this performance, commissioned by Rewire and produced by ISSUE Project Room and The Chocolate Factory, they perform music from their recent EP ‘Wordless’.

Maral & Brenna Murphy (Channel 1 21.30 CET)
With her debut album 'Push', Los Angeles-based producer and DJ Maral underscored a distinctive take on club music, mutating Iranian folk music samples and injecting them with unique dance and dub elements. MSHR's Brenna Murphy was invited to collaborate with Maral for Rewire 2021, as they present a unique audiovisual piece entitled 'Ground Groove' on Channel 1 this evening. An artist and musician who is at home in both physical and virtual realms, Brenna melts and morphs materials, creating vibrating formalist arrays that are instantiated in diverse settings

Pierce Warnecke & Matthew Biederman (Channel 2 21.45 CET)
Working both in sound and video, Pierce Warnecke & Matthew Biederman have been releasing music and creating performances and installations for over a decade. On Channel 2 this evening, the two artists collaborate live on 'Somnifacient Signals', an urgent audiovisual work exploring the possibility of connecting with the audience at the time of heightened physical restrictions. The duo conceived 'Somnifacient Signals' during the first COVID-19 lockdown, responding to their lack of mobility by gathering material in real time from webcams situated across the world. The performance focuses on transformation of these common prosaic sources using noise, moshing, feedback, extensive compositing / overlaying, saturation and glitch to transform the bland material into an intense take on experiencing a mediated world and connecting via the internet.