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Registrations for Rewire 2021 activities

30 Aug 2021

During the Rewire 2021 - offline edition we’ll be presenting several activities which require prior registration. Find out more information about these activities, including how to register, below.

All of these presentations are freely accessible without a ticket, and neither require a negative test, vaccination or proof of recovery. However, social distancing of 1.5 metres will be required here.

Ticketed programme (wristband required):
- 11 Sep: Galya Bisengalieva - 15:00 at Koninklijke Schouwburg (register here)
- 11 Sep: Félicia Atkinson & Ben Rivers - 16:30 at Koninklijke Schouwburg (register here)

Hearing Like a Herring

Saturday 11 September
Scheveningen Harbour

The Embassy of the North Sea seeks to give a voice to the non-human residents in The Netherlands’ most defining ecosystem, the North Sea, starting with a listening phase that engages designers, policy makers, biologists, artists, lawyers, philosophers and writers. Rewire 2021 will present the first step of the journey: a sound expedition titled ‘Hearing Like a Herring’, developed by composer and sound artist Harpo ‘t Hart together with radio-maker Jesper Buursink and artist Xandra van der Eijck. This intervention at Scheveningen harbour and beach features stories from experts, scientists, and local residents to present new undersea listening perspectives.

There will be a number of sessions running (see below), each lasting an hour. Reserve your timeslot here: 

11.30 - 12.30
11.45 - 12.45
12.00 - 13.00
12.15 - 13.15
12.45 - 13.45
13.00 - 14.00
13.15 - 14.15

Forest Phantoms

Sunday 12 September
Haagse Bos

At the Rewire 2021 offline edition, Barbara Ellison presents ‘Forest Phantoms’, an audio-headphone composition of tree ‘songs’ made with binaural microphones, contact mics and hydrophones, revealing an intense and intriguing hidden music of the forest. ‘Forest Phantoms’ is made exclusively with original environmental recordings done in the Haagse Bos, Den Haag. This composition was created and conceived to be listened to at a chosen location in The Haagse Bos. Listeners will first gather at the google maps location point and will then be led to the listening location for the piece and headphones and players will be provided.

Timeslot 1: 12.00-13.00
Timeslot 2: 14.00-15.00

Register for one of these sessions for free here: 

Proximity Music performances

Pelle Schilling presents ‘Incandescence Rain’

Incandescence Rain is an immersive installation in which beauty meets danger. A ceiling containing 25 angle grinders create a shower of sparks under which the visitor is invited to walk wearing special protective equipment.

There are a number of timeslots available, register here for free: 

Hans Beckers presents ‘La Floresta’

'La Floresta’ is a performative musical installation. The music is a continuous, uninterrupted composition where different sound textures and rhythmical layers alternate.

There are a number of timeslots available, register here for free: 

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