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Route Improvisation and jazz

Witness the joy of spontaneous musical creation and improvisation at Rewire 2023

As a festival for musical experimentation, Rewire platforms adventurous artists that improvise and explore on stage, drawing audiences into the immediacy of their prolific artistic sensibilities. From emerging jazz masters to renowned figures of the experimental avant-garde, alongside celebrated collaborative formations, these acts breathe new life into the act of creating music. 


What will surely be an unforgettable Rewire 2023 highlight, American composer Ellen Fullman & The Living Earth Show perform their piece Elemental View three times in Nieuwe Kerk with a custom-built instrument of 136 20-metre-long strings. Elemental View will be performed three times on Friday 7 April and promises to be a true highlight of the festival. Please register via our digital ticket office in order to reserve your seat.

Head to Korzo to be mesmerised by Dienne’s intricate music. Combining analogue instruments like the oboe, the piano, and the flute with reverb-drenched vocals and shimmers of processed electronic sources, the Nicolás Jaar-signed artist creates hazy pieces of music full of the melancholy of remembrance and loss.

Watch "Dienne - Mio Signore" by "Dienne" on

Showcasing their prolific range and improvisatory talent, Matthew Herbert & Julian Sartorius perform the world premiere of a collaborative performance between the duo that recorded their incredible album Drum Solo (2022) over the course of one day. 

Another mind-blowing collaboration you don’t want to miss is the world premiere of a show by Peter Zummo & KAKUHAN. Rewire has commissioned the highly influential American trombonist, composer, and producer Peter Zummo for an artistic residence in The Hague, alongside the innovative Japanese electronic duo KAKUHAN to collaborate on new music. We can only imagine the adventurous music that comes out of this unique collaboration.  


Kick off your second day at Rewire 2023 in Amare with the experimental chamber music of TLF Trio. Moving between written composition and improvisation they channel minimalism, free jazz and modes of Central-European Classical of the Late Renaissance and Early Baroque.

Watch "TLF Trio – Suite X (Latency 022)" by "Latency" on

Then stay around for KAKUHAN’s performance. Formed by electronic producer Koshiro Hino – a frontman of Goat and a leading figure in the avant-garde and experimental scene of Osaka – and musician and cellist Yuki Nakagawa, KAKUHAN brings together raw digital music and bowed cello in thrilling, syncopated songs that embark on unexplored territory in experimental electronic music.

For some all-out improvisation, head over to Koorenhuis to be part of The Dwarfs of East Agouza’s shapeshifting sound that ranges from free jazz and krautrock to Arabic influences and Egyptian Shaabi music. As heard on their newest album High Tide In The Lowlands, the improvised nature of this Egyptian formation results in hypnotic jazz, delirious noise, and near-cosmic jams.

Watch "Rats Don't Eat Synthesizers" by "Dwarfs Of East Agouza - Topic" on

Finish this Saturday with the stellar Jazz-rap crossover of Sélébéyone, a truly adventurous and enchanting collective comprised of MCs HPrizm (New York) and Gaston Bandimic (Dakar), and saxophonists Steve Lehman (Los Angeles) and Maciek Lasserre (Paris). Combining bold yet catchy jazz experimentalism with English and Wofol rap, Sélébéyone finds new ways to expand on the rhythmic, melodic, and rhetorical qualities of jazz and hip hop.


Get in the right groove with the free-spirited, yet tightly interlocking music of Ghosted, a formation consisting of Oren Ambarchi, Johan Berthling and Andreas Werliin. Taking musical cues from 70s ECM jazz, electronic minimalism, African music, krautrock, and many other influences, the trio lays down incredibly groovy pieces of music that are impeccably constructed but sound and feel effortless.

Watch "Oren Ambarchi / Johan Berthling / Andreas Werliin "III" (Official Music Video)" by "Drag City" on

Don’t miss the performance of Zoh Amba, who shared the stage with Johan Berthling & Frank Rosaly to showcase why she has been heralded as one of the biggest emerging artists to come out of the New York jazz and avant-garde music scene, because of her powerful musical compositions and improvisations, performed with a deep sense of spirituality and emotional power.