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Zoh Amba

with Johan Berthling & Frank Rosaly

At the age of 22, composer, saxophonist, and flautist Zoh Amba has been heralded as one of the biggest emerging artists to come out of the New York jazz and avant-garde music scene. Originally hailing from Tennessee, the break-out talent rapidly rose to notoriety in New York because of her powerful musical compositions and improvisations, performed with a deep sense of spirituality and emotional power. Channelling experimental jazz masters like Albert Ayler, Frank Wright, Frank Lowe, and David S. Ware, her inquisitive and high-spirited music blends elements from avant-garde and noise, alongside devotional hymns and turns them into powerful, improvisational jazz. Highly productive and prolific, 2022 saw the release of two solo albums and two collaborative LPs, all of them tied together by her powerfully unique avant-garde music full of folk melodies, mesmerising refrains, and repeated incantations. For her performance at Rewire 2023, Amba is joined on stage by Puerto Rican-American percussionist Frank Rosaly  – who’s also performing in The Paper Ensemble alongside Ale Hop – and bass player Johan Berthling of Ghosted.

Sun 9 Apr