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The word KAKUHAN in Japanese means "stirring" of various different elements. It perfectly describes this duo’s alchemic approach to music and the ways they have stirred the boundaries of seemingly binary categorizations such as electronic/string, contemporary/club music, traditional/contemporary, physical/metaphysical, and composition/ improvisation. Formed by electronic producer Koshiro Hino – a frontman of Goat and a leading figure in the avant-garde and experimental scene of Osaka – and musician and cellist Yuki Nakagawa, KAKUHAN brings together raw digital music and bowed cello in thrilling, syncopated songs that embark on unexplored territory in experimental electronic music. Simultaneously dissonant and utterly compelling, their critically acclaimed debut album Metal Zone (2022) combines grimey, cybernetic club music with striking sound design, freakish rhythmic interplay, and dense sonic textures. Some of the sounds might remind you of the sine-wave work of Ryoji Ikeda, the bass sensibilities of Errorsmith, or the synth freak-outs of Rian Treanor, and yet the music feels shockingly novel and absolutely dauntless.  

During Rewire 2023, KAKUHAN is also slated to perform alongside American trombonist, composer, and producer Peter Zummo, which is the result of an artistic residency commissioned by Rewire.