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Ellen Fullman & The Living Earth Show

Elemental View

For over four decades, American composer Ellen Fullman has maintained a singular focus on her project, The Long String Instrument, an installation of dozens of tuned strings dozens metres or more in length which have resonated architectural spaces in festivals across the world. Through her research in just intonation tuning theory, string harmonics and musical instrument design, Fullman has developed a compositional and performative approach that expands harmonic motion through a focus on upper partial tones. Collaborating with experimental chamber music ensemble The Living Earth Show, Ellen Fullman presents the European premiere of a site-specific performance of Elemental View at Rewire 2023, inhabiting The Hague’s Nieuwe Kerk with a custom-built instrument of 136 20-metre-long strings.

Ellen Fullman & The Living Earth Show perform on Friday 7 April.