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Patrick Higgins

Other People at Rewire

Sunday, 31 March
Paard I

Patrick Higgins is a visionary guitarist, composer and producer whose divergent output has seen him reinterpret the works of Baroque master Bach, compose for all shapes and sizes and serve as a core member of revered New York avant-gardists Zs. Renowned for his unique approach to classical acoustic and electric guitar, he uses extended technique and electronic processing to craft genre-bending landscapes of electro-acoustic sound that are at once intensely emotional and strikingly alien. At Rewire 2019, he presents his latest solo effort, Dossier, a new record in four movements that engages with the politics, erotics and violence of contemporary digital life.

Other People at Rewire

Nicolás Jaar presents a showcase of his Other People label at Rewire 2019. In addition to Patrick Higgins, the showcase includes Nicolás Jaar‘s solo live/djperformance, Lucrecia Dalt & Alessandra Leone, Pierre Bastien & Tomaga, John Bence and vtgnike.