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Lucrecia Dalt & Alessandra Leone

Other People at Rewire

Sunday, 31 March
Korzo (zaal)

Lucrecia Dalt is a Colombian-born sound artist and experimental composer who has honed her distinctive brand of surreal, otherworldly electronics over the course of 6 solo albums and a host of dazzling EPs. A geotechnical engineer in a past life, she now combines acoustic and electronic sounds with sampling and traditional songwriting to map the motions of geological time. At Rewire 2019, she unveils a new live audiovisual collaboration with visual artist Alessandra Leone that’s inspired by her most recent release, ‘Anticlines’. A journey through speech and song, Dalt weaves vocal processing, spoken word, mercurial ambient and South American rhythms with Leone’s volumetric beams of light to explore space, boundaries and human consciousness.

Other People at Rewire

Nicolás Jaar presents a showcase of his Other People label at Rewire 2019. In addition to Patrick Higgins, the showcase includes Nicolás Jaar‘s solo live/djperformance, Patrick Higgins, Pierre Bastien & Tomaga, John Bence and vtgnike.