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The timetable for Rewire 2021 is here!

30 Apr 2021

With only days left before we launch the Rewire 2021 online edition, we’re excited to share the timetable with you! Get started with your prep for the festival weekend early and mark your favourite artists in your calendar! There are also a few changes to the line-up, which you can read more about below.

From 6-9 May you can visit the online programme in our virtual festival hub, where you can navigate between two video channels, featuring musical performances, audiovisual video works, film screenings and live-streamed talks. Next to this there is an audio channel where you can listen to the entire radio programme, as well as a number of portals where you can access externally hosted projects such as interactive (3D) environments.

To give you an idea of which artists and projects to check out, we will curate a few different festival 'routes' for you, which we’ll be sharing as well as a guide of how to make the most of your online visit!

→ Check out the full timetable here.

Programme updates
Some unfortunate line-up news, it is with regret that due to an unforeseen personal emergency Lee Gamble’s show will be presented at a future date. Thankfully we have been lucky enough to welcome New York-based techno artist and theorist DeForrest Brown, Jr. (aka Speaker Music), who presents ‘a bitter but beautiful struggle’. An AV performance drawing upon the themes explored in his 2020 album Black Nationalist Sonic Weaponry, the project was created in response to recent events surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement. This project is co-presented by Somerset House Studios.
Brandon LaBelle’s talk at the festival will also unfortunately be unable to go ahead. However, we are looking into ways of presenting and exploring his work after the festival. AM Kanngieser will also present 'Environmental Listening: On being with/in place'. In this talk geographer and sound artist AM Kanngieser will read excerpts from their forthcoming book "Between Sound and Silence: Listening for Environmental Relations" on listening at the intersections of colonisation and ecocide. 
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Workshops & registrations
Finally we would like to give you a reminder about the select few workshops that require registration at the Rewire 2021 online edition, sign up now to avoid disappointment and secure your spot!

In the 'Tang' Sugar Instrument workshop by Wen Chin Fu, you and your child are invited to make your own instrument out of sugar using a special kit made by iii, the kits are in short supply so sign up for yours here. Dive into ways of collaborating remotely in real time with bespoke music software, as British artist Rian Treanor presents his ‘Inter-symmetric 7’ workshop which you can sign up for here. Join AM Kanngieser’s intimate daily listening sessions ‘Between Dying and Death there is a Hum’, by signing up here. Finally, Lisa Hall’s 'Acts of Air' will be guiding us through a digital and participatory exhibition with 14 relational sound art works taking place across The Hague and further afield,that can be interacted with digitally and physically. More information here.

→ Attend the Rewire 2021 Facebook event.