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Lisa Hall (full)

presents Acts Of Air

Lisa Hall is a sound artist based in London, who uses her work in urban areas to interrupt our behavior and challenge our preconceptions, questioning the design that surrounds us in an attempt to inspire original thought. Last year's 'Environmental Bike' Hall took inspiration from veteran sound artist Kaffe Matthews' Sonic Kayak and turned air pollution into sound with a sonic bike that collected data around Lisbon. In 2017, Hall worked with Hannah Kemp-Welch on 'Sound Map', a piece that divided the world by language and listening rather than country, and was exhibited at London's Tate Modern. At Rewire this year, Hall will be guiding us through a digital and participatory exhibition entitled 'Acts of Air': 14 relational sound art works taking place across The Hague and further afield that can be interacted with digitally and physically.

  • This workshop is only open to residents of The Hague
  • The session will be hosted in English via Zoom, for which you will receive a link
  • It requires active participation, although no musical experience is required.

Please note that this workshop is fully booked.