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A practical guide to Rewire 2021 - online edition

04 May 2021

Here is the practical guide to help you prepare for the upcoming festival. Dive in before we go live on 6th May!

1. Bookmark the virtual festival hub

The Rewire 2021 online edition will take place within our virtual festival hub. Here you can access two video stream channels, one radio channel, a number of special interactive projects, the timetable and the festival chat. The virtual festival opens on Thursday 6 May, 14:00 CET, you can access it here:

2. The festival is free but donations are welcome

The online festival is freely accessible to everyone. However, please consider a donation, helping us to continue presenting adventurous music from around the globe and invest in the creation of new works! To support Rewire and donate click here.

3. Plan your schedule with the timetable

To get started with your planning for the festival weekend, please check out the full timetable here. Please note: the times automatically adjust to your timezone, so it will always appear as your local time. The times are displayed in 24 hours, this will indicate whether it’s am or pm.

4. Have the best festival experience

Optimize your festival experience by using headphones or stereo speakers and a large display. You can hook up your computer to your TV using a HDMI cable. Alternatively you can cast the video from your browser or your mobile phone to your TV using Chromecast (only works with Chrome browser) or Apple Airplay.
We highly recommend using the Chrome browser for navigating the virtual festival hub.

5. Download the Rewire Radio app and listen on the go

Whilst attending via the virtual festival hub is better suited to experiencing from home, for the first time you can listen to the Rewire 2021 radio programme on the go. Download our radio app at for easy access to our extensive radio programme. Please note the installation process is different for Android and Apple: 

- Android / Chrome: Start Chrome and open Tap the menu button (three dots at the top right) and tap "Install app". You can now find the app on the home screen of your smartphone.

- Android / Samsung internet: Start the browser and open Tap the menu button (3 stripes bottom right) and tap "Add page to". Then tap "Apps screen" and install the app. You can now find the app on the home screen of your smartphone.

- Apple: Start your browser and open Tap the menu button (bottom middle button) and tap "Add to Home Screen". Then tap "Add". You can now find the app on the home screen of your smartphone.

6. Join the community and connect with fellow festival visitors & artists

For this online edition we have launched our own Discord server, where visitors and artists can meet before and during the festival. Discord is a platform that contains both text and voice/video channels, as well as individual messaging; it was designed for creating communities. Creating a Discord account will also enable you to chat with artists after their performances and meet your fellow visitors in any of the Discord chat rooms. Get started and head over to the Rewire Discord channel here.

7. Re-watch performances

Missed out on a live stream? Several highlights will be available to re-watch in full via our On Demand section in the virtual festival hub. The On Demand section is available for a limited time: during the festival weekend only.

8. Explore the programme

The Rewire 2021 online edition hosts a wide range of different artists projects including remote residencies, audiovisual collaborations, concerts, interactive environments, films, radio, talks, workshops and more. Check out the full line-up here.

Dive into the sounds of Rewire 2021 with this year’s festival playlist. We’ve collected some of our favourite tracks by upcoming festival artists into comprehensive Spotify and Apple Music playlists for your listening pleasure.



To explore the programme further please take a look at the features on our website.

Feeling the screen fatigue? We’ve got you covered. Rewire 2021 will feature an extensive radio programme with daily talk shows by Gonzo (circus) and AQNB but also over 35 sound and radio works over the four of the festival days. The radio programme gives the audience the opportunity to step away from the screen and experience the festival on the go. You can access the radio programme through the virtual festival hub, and also through our radio app, allowing you to experience the festival on the go.

9. Register for workshops

Whilst the Rewire 2021 online edition is totally free to access, there are a few workshops with limited capacity that require prior registration. These are:

AM Kanngieser presents ‘Between Dying and Death there is a Hum’ 
Find out more and register here.

Lisa Hall presents ‘Acts of Air’
Find out more and register here.

Rian Treanor’s ‘Inter-symmetric 7’ workshop
Find out more and register here.

‘Tang’ Sugar Instrument workshop by Wen Chin Fu
Find out more and register here.