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AQNB's Reversal Agents

A reversal agent is an antidote, a cure. Both as a medical term and figure of speech, it implies going back to the way things were. AQNB’s Reversal Agents podcast for Rewire examines notions of the past and the future, human agency and healing, in music, art and online culture right now. Join AQNB’s Steph Kretowicz and Jared Davis for discussions and guest audio contributions from Evan Ifekoya, Jack Halberstam, Most Dismal Swamp, Clay AD, Zach Blas and Every Ocean Hughes. 

AQNB is a not-for-profit editorial platform working across visual art, music and critical thinking. We cover a diverse range of experimental and emerging practices that resist classification, paying close attention to the discursive changes brought on by developments in technology and communication. AQNB produces the bi-monthly podcast series Artist Statement released at

Episode 1: Queer Temporalities with Jack Halberstam

In this episode, at a moment in which it is difficult to think beyond the present, we consider queer notions of time, the future, and apocalypse, by speaking with Jack Halberstam, a queer theorist and Professor of Gender Studies and English at Columbia University.

Episode 2: On Illness with Every Ocean Hughes and Clay AD

In this episode we respond to the topic of illness, considering the structural conditions affecting health and the nature of life, by inviting artist, writer LTTR journal and collective co-founder Every Ocean Hughes for a discussion, as well as a reading by interdisciplinary artist and writer Clay AD of their novel Metabolize, If Able (Monster House Press, Arcadia Missa).

Episode 3: Ritual Technology with Evan Ifekoya and Most Dismal Swamp

In this episode we explore contemporary challenges to rationalism in an age of data, asking what the unique effects of technological mediation are on the culture of spirituality, by inviting artist and founding member  of Black Obsidian Sound System Evan Ifekoya for a discussion, along with a mix from multifaceted art platform Most Dismal Swamp.

Episode 4: New Psychedelia with Zach Blas, xin and Aya Sinclair.

In this episode we examine a resurgent interest in psychedelia, responding to topics including drugs as technology, psychedelia in contemporary sonic practices, and the unexplored links between psychedelia and queer cultures, with a work from artist Zach Blas.