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Rewire on screen: introducing the 2022 film programme

01 Apr 2022

Expand your festival experience with our film programme, exploring key themes and artists through a cinematic lens. This year’s programme, screened at Filmhuis Den Haag, includes two film works by Meredith Monk, a documentary on the inquisitive artistic practice of Matthew Herbert, 35mm film works by Daïchi Saïto and Peter Tscherkassky and more.

During Rewire 2022, Filmhuis Den Haag will be the site where you can experience the festival through a cinematic lens. The selected films touch upon themes and narrative strands of the rest festival programme, but also offer their own, distinctive audiovisual thrills and reflections on the cinematic medium. Taken as a whole, this year’s film programme is a reservoir of reflexive, meditative, jarring and hypnotic experiences that fuse sounds, music, and imagery into captivating new wholes. 

All films — except the screening of A Symphony of Noise - Matthew Herbert’s Revolution on Thursday 7 April — are accessible for free for holders of festival passes or single day passes of the corresponding day. Tickets for the screening of A Symphony of Noise - Matthew Herbert’s Revolution are available now on the website of Filmhuis Den Haag, a free option for Cineville cardholders is included.

The full film programme includes:

A Symphony of Noise - Matthew Herbert’s Revolution (Enrique Sánchez Lansch, 2021)
Thursday 7 April, 19.00

Ellis Island (Meredith Monk, 1981) + Book of Days (Meredith Monk, 1989)
Friday 8 April, 13.00

Quarry (Meredith Monk & Amram Nowak, 1978)
Friday 8 April, 15.00

Shorts: Aura Satz
(various years, Aura Satz) Including: The Grief Interval (Aura Satz, 2021), Making a Diagonal with Music (2019), Little Doorways to Paths not Yet Taken (2016) & Oramics, Atlantis Anew (2011)
Saturday 9 April, 11.00

Expedition Content (Ernst Karel & Veronika Kusumaryati, 2020)
Saturday 9 April, 13.00

Shorts: Ritual, Noise, Affect
Including: La mano que canta (Alex Reynolds & Alma Söderberg, 2021) & Flowers blooming in our throats (Eva Giolo, 2020)
Sunday 10 April, 11.00

earthearthearth (Daïchi Saïto, 2021) + Train Again (Peter Tscherkassky, 2021)
Sunday 10 April, 13.00