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earthearthearth + Train Again

Daïchi Saïto / Peter Tscherkassky


An exploration of contemporary experimental cinema featuring accelerating soundtracks by Jason Sharp and Dirk Schaefer, both screened on 35mm format.


The expansive mountainscapes of the Andes are the basis for this new, 35mm film by Daïchi Saïto. Once again propelled by the free, pulsating improvisation of saxophonist Jason Sharp, in which his heartbeat and breathing play a prominent role, the series of images slowly becomes more abstract. The end result is a hypnotic, sensory meditation on ‘our’ earth.

Daïchi Saïto, 2021, Canada, Japan, 30 min

Train Again

Train Again is a phantom ride through the engine room of the seventh art, a ceremony of the (violent) mechanics of railway vehicles and image transporters. Tscherkassky flits through the history of the filmic avant-garde, conceiving his work as a centrifuge of quotations from the pantheon of visionary cinema. One could call this highly complex and simultaneously elemental film a darkroom action experiment, an underground blockbuster, or a kinetic painting in a thousand shades of grey. In any case, Train Again is an ecstatic ode to the fragility and explosive force of the cinematic medium.

 Peter Tscherkassky, 2021, Austria, 20 min