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Meredith Monk interviewed by The Quietus

29 Mar 2022

With her multi-day focus programme at Rewire 2022 fast approaching, The Quietus caught up with legendary polymath Meredith Monk for an extended interview. Read more below.

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'Monk turns 80 this year and the occasion has afforded the prolific performer time to look back – but it’s not something she likes to do too often or for too long, she quickly points out, tugging on her signature pigtail plaits. “I’m still more interested in what I’m working on now,” she laughs, explaining she’s currently busy in rehearsals for her upcoming appearance at Rewire. “The thing that’s interesting to me is that the ideas are still coming, which is all I ever wanted. I wanted to keep on working until I leave this planet and I feel very lucky that I’m still doing that. My mind is still very fertile."'

Read the full interview here.

Full schedule of Meredith Monk focus programme at Rewire 2022:

Friday 8 April:
13.00: Film - Book of Days + Ellis Island
15.00: Film - Quarry
21.05: Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble - 'Cellular Songs'

Saturday 9 April:
19.00: Meredith Monk & Vocal Ensemble and Bang on a Can All-Stars - 'MEMORY GAME'

Sunday 10 April:
12.30: Artist talk - Meredith Monk