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Listen: brand new albums by Amor Muere and 33EMYBW

06 Nov 2023

After revealing the first artists and projects for Rewire 2024, we’d like to introduce two fresh releases by newly announced artists, breaking geographical and sound boundaries. Mexico City-based quartet Amor Muere (consisting of musicians Gibrana Cervantes, Concepción Huerta, Camille Mandoki, and Rewire alumnus Mabe Fratti) mesmerizes with their debut album blending strings, electronics, and progressive sounds, while Shanghai native producer and visual artist 33EMYBW released her fourth experimental studio album Holes of Sinian.

The music of Mexico City-based collective Amor Muere spans between electronic textures and soaring vocal melodies, masterfully interplayed with cello and violin discordant strings. A Time To Love, A Time To Die is the result of the consolidated collaboration of four artists, each of them bringing their distinguished, unique and innovative style. The album weaves together in an awe-inspiring interplay of strings, electronics, tape manipulation, and field recordings. It embarks on a journey through a rich tapestry of soundscapes, blending ambient and noise elements while uniting the realms of analog and digital sound manipulation. 

Amor Muere performs live at Rewire 2024

33EMYBW's latest release Holes Of Sinian is the result of the fourth full-length project by the Shanghai-based established producer featuring collaborations with Batu, Marina Herlop, Forrest Gander, and oxi peng. The 12-track album, released on SVBKVLT, fuses various conceptual elements transcending conventional boundaries, weaving together the threads of personal rhythm and groundbreaking experimental sound designs. Check out the lead track 'Holes Of Time’, which features oxi peng, below.

33EMYBW & Joey Holder perform live at Rewire 2024