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33EMYBW & Joey Holder

Parasitic patterns are enmeshed with insectoid silhouettes in a spectral collage of primary colours; a swathe of ceremonial club percussion, jagged vocal samples, and dreamy synths envelops all in its path. This is the live A/V show of musician, performer, and producer 33EMYBW and artist Joey Holder, which they will perform at Rewire 2024. Following the critical acclaim of her 2018 album, the bass-heavy and experimental electronic mammoth Golem, 33EMYBW has been carving out a name for herself as a stalwart of Shanghai’s experimental electronic music scene. A regular of label SVBKVLT, the bright percussive rhythms and impish buoyant synth lines that define her sound emerge from an ongoing interest in other-than-human entities. Her new album Holes of Sinian (2023) seeks to understand evolutionary practices from a non-human perspective. It’s with this album that her collaboration with Holder began. Speaking on the collaboration, she says: “A lot of our interests converge around the importance of de-centering humans, and focusing more on non-human creatures, known and unknown, from past and present.” As such, the project is speculative and sci-fi but also grounded in a muddy, earthly nature. Step into 33EMYBW & Joey Holder’s world of cryptid imagination and ritualistic rhythm.