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Amor Muere

Amor Muere are a Mexico City–based experimental music collective consisting of musicians Gibrana Cervantes, Concepción Huerta, Camille Mandoki, and Rewire alum Mabe Fratti, who graced our audience with a memorable performance in 2022. Hot on the heels of their debut album, A Time to Love, a Time to Die (2023), Amor Muere perform at Rewire 2024 with their singular orchestral ambient-pop compositions for voice, cello, electronics, tape, and violin. Expect hurtling string instruments that crescendo towards the skies as crunchy waves of ambient texture flood your ears. Always layering and then stripping back, the immense cacophonous sounds of Amor Muere are punctured by scarcity: moments where beautiful vocal refrains emerge from amidst the rubble. Listening to Amor Muere is like taking an unforeseen pilgrimage to some holy place; a ritualistic and transcendental vitality vibrates in their performances. Deeply listen and listen closely.